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Website Building Process

From where ever you are, to complete, usually in about a week

Step One - Commitment and Payment
Make sure this is what you want, and put together a basic plan. Think about what you would like your website to look like, and what you want it to say. You can take care of payment by either emailing me and letting me know you're ready to go, or processing the $1,000 payment with any credit card through PayPal by clicking here.

Step Two - Select Domain Name and Hosting Space
We need to have a plan for how we will have the website hosted. Please see the hosting and domain page for details on this subject. If you are registering a new domain name with GoDaddy, or already have your account with GoDaddy set up, this becomes VERY simple, just let me know that you're already working with them.

Step Three - Choose Your Template
Choose one of the available templates and start putting together the basic information:

Step Four - Content Outline & Planning
If you already have a website, this is really easy; simply send me the link and I will build your new website and integrate the content from your current site. If not, see the content page for suggestions on how to generate some basic content to get started with.

Step Five - Send Everything to Me
Assuming we have already had some content at this point, simply reply to one of my emails with these three elements and any other instructions you would like:

Step Six - Website Preview
Once I have the information from step five, I will put together a preview of your website. You will still have a chance to make modifications to the site. I typically am able to provide a preview within one week, and it will not be more than 10 business days. You have 30 days from the time of purchase to submit content and images to add to the site. After 30 days, you will be charged $100 per hour for development work. Typically, less than one or two hours are required to complete a site.